NZDF Members List

Many different businesses and industries are associated with the NZDF

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Consultants / Associates / Training
Life members

New Zealand Drillers Federation Council

Mel Griffiths
Griffiths Drilling 
Phone      021 433 137 / 04 527 7346
Vice President
Sam Woodford
Woodford Drilling
Phone 027 660 8484 / 03 544 0088
Executive Officer
Debbie Lovett
Address     46 Kent St, Timaru 7910
Phone        03 688 1356 or 021 516 729

New Zealand Drillers Federation Council Members

Tony Lyons
EcoDrilling Ltd, Upper Moutere
John Butt
Butt Drilling, Blenheim
Iain Haycock 
McMillan Drilling Services, Southbridge 
Steve Pilcher
Washingtons Exploration, Timaru
Marcus Durrant   
Deeco Services, Petone
Zane Brown
Drill Force New Zealand, Auckland
Steve Faulkner
McMillan Drilling (NI), Auckland
Dale Preston         
Interdrill, Taranaki
James Chapman
CW Drilling, Nelson
Tim Babbage    
Blick Industrial, Hamilton
Mark De Goldi
Hard Metal Industries, Christchurch
Ken Mears    
Westmere Drilling, Greymouth
Jeff Ashby    
Webster Drilling & Exploration, Wellington


Alton Drilling Limited

PO Box 1300, Pukekohe 2340
Cory Ibbotson
Ph     0508 425 866
Mb    021 425 866
Coring, Reverse Circulation, Down Hole Hammer, Rotary Mud, Air Core, Water, Mineral, Geotechnical,Seismic, Environmental.
Barber Well Drilling Services Limited
PO Box 10, Geraldine 7956
Wayne O'Donnell or Bruce Washington
Ph     03 693 1403
Mb    0272 211 467
Down Hole Hammer, Air Rotary/Cable Tool, Waterwell, Environmental.

Barham United Welldrillers Limited
PO Box 139, Te Awamutu, 3840 
Mike Ormsby
Ph     07 871 5897
Mb    0274 925 036
Augering, Coring, Rotary mud, Down hole hammer, Pump tests, Well screens, Water well, Pump installation, Screen manufacture, Environmental, Geotechnical, Seismic.

Baylis Bros Limited
PO Box 5003, Greenmeadows, Napier
Russell Baylis
Ph     06 844 2167
Mb    0274 424 417
Augering, Rotary, Cable tool, Coring, Reverse circulation, Horizontal, Waterwells,Environmental, Aquifer Investigation (SES), Geotechnical, Mineral investigation, Galleries & Spring Taps,See-snake diagnostic, Well Rehabilitation. 
Company established in 1946  

Brown Bros (NZ) Limited
539 Te Rapa Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton
PO Box 10-183, Te Rapa, Hamilton
Graeme Brown
Ph     07 849 2919
Mb    0274 471 045 
Geoprobe, Direct Push, Membrane Interface Probe, Wireline Coring, Hollow Stem Auger, Rotary mud,Down hole hammer, Reverse circulation, Concentrix, Mineral Exploration, Waterwell, Geotechnical,Environmental, Seismic, Mine and quarry exploration, Geoprobe, MIP Probe, Coal Bed Methane, PumpTesting, Direct Push, Oil Exploration.

Butt Drilling Limited
4 Springswood Grove, Blenheim
John Butt
Ph     03 578 8270 
Mb    021 343 089
Rotary Mud, Cable tool, Rotary Air, Water, Environmental, Infiltration Galleries.

Carlyle Drilling Limited
PO Box 11381, Palm Beach Plaza, Papamoa, Tauranga 3151
Mark Carlyle
Ph     07 575 0838
Mb    0275 935 894
Rotary mud, Air, Down hole hammer, Dual Rotary, Water well, Methane gas, Wellcap cert, Dual Rotary.

Clemence Drilling Contractors Ltd
65 Main North Rd, RD1 Kaiapoi 7691
Dave Clemence
Ph 03 327 4300
Mb 0274 325 646

Augering, down hole hammer, coring, rotary mud, reverse circulation, casing hammer. Water well, piling, environmental, geotechnical, geothermal, consents/water rights, pumps/flow meters, reticulation  

CLL Service & Solutions Ltd
PO Box 577, Kumeu, Auckland
Sean Henry   
Ph     09 4127048
Mb    0275 808020

Piling, ground stabilisation, retaining walls, sub divisions etc. 

CW Drilling and Investigation Limited
PO Box 264, Motueka
James Chapman
Ph     03 526 7222
Mb    0274 470 920
Geotechnical, Hollow stem auger, Rotary mud, Down hole hammer, Coring - Wireline and Conventional, Concentrix / Tubex, Waterwell, Environmental, Site investigation, De-watering, Rock anchors,  Seismic shothole, Coal, Mineral Exploration.

DCN Drilling Limited
2148 State Highway 2, Maramarua, R D 1, Pokeno
David Penney
Fx     09 232 5750
Mb    0274 735 011
Coring, Rotary Mud, Environment, Geotechnical.

Drill 4 U Ltd
9 Dick St, RD5 Kihikihi, Te Awamatu 3875
Stacey Bevan
Ph 07 870 6221 
Mb 021 374 554
Augering, piling, confined site specialist, helical pile, pile driving
Small family run business established in 1999. Based in Waikato drilling foundations, pile driving, and installing retaining walls

52 Turner Rd, Hamurana, Rotorua
Matt McBreen
Ph 021 374 517
Augering, coring, downhole hammer, Geotechnical, environmental, seismic shothole.

DrillForce NZ Limited

PO Box 72-335, Papakura 2244
Zane Brown
Ph     09 267 9100 
Mb    021 842 475
Drilling contractor specialising in: geotechnical/environmental (wire line coring BQ to PQ, CPT DMT and SDMT, formation testing, instrumentation installation, permeability testing, waterless drilling technology, environmental testing, grout stabilisation, ground anchors, mobile - helicopter, barge, tractor, crawler track, small 4x4 track mounted), water wells (irrigation wells, domestic, municipal supply, de-watering, CCTV camera), exploration (wire line coring BQ to PQ, formation testing, de-watering wells, coal exploration, coal quality) and energy (oil, gas and geothermal - production wells 2,500m+ capacity, pre-collar drilling and casing setting, completions, workovers, seismic shot hole drilling - including helicopter, tractor and truck portable equipment, coal CSG UCG, exploration and quality, wireline and conventional coring, formation testing

Drillforce was established in 2008 by mnay of the interests associated with the successful Drillwell and Boart Longyear companies and has grown to become a highly regarded general drilling contractor in the NZ water, geotechnical , environmental and resources spaces with currently over 35 drilling rigs and highly trained staff available. We operate a modern fleet of equipment from our purpose built facility in Takanini, Auckland

East Coast Drilling Limited

454 West Melton Road, RD 6, Christchurch, 7676 
Graham Taylor
Ph     03 347 9337
Mb   0274 341 162
Rotary Air, Down Hole Hammer, Waterwell, Environmental.

EcoDrilling Ltd
199 Kina Peninsula Road, RD 1, Upper Moutere, 7173
Tony Lyons
Ph    03 526 6770
Mb   021 672 949
Environmental, Geotechnical, Geothermal, Diamond Drilling, Coal Coring Specialists, Equipment supply and hire.  Rig hire and Lease. NZ Agent for Mudslayer Environmental Protection Systems.

Ewen Cameron Drilling Ltd 
Ohauiti Road, RD 3, Tauranga
Victor Hurlock
Ph    07 544 2109
Mb    0274 999 495
Rotary mud, Down hole hammer, Waterwell.

Geotech Drilling
PO Box 2070, Taupo
Mark & Mel Barnett
Ph   027 290 392
A/H  07 337 3581
Augering, Coring, CPT Testing, Environmental, Geotechnical

Griffiths Drilling (NZ) Limited
PO Box 40-422, Upper Hutt, Wellington
Melvyn Griffiths
Ph     04 527 7346
Mb    021 433 137
Rotary mud, Sonic, Auger, Coring, Down hole hammer, CPT, Geotechnical,Seismic, Piling, Environmental, Waterwell, Ground anchors, Drainage, Consultants.

Helidrill Limited 
304 Drysdale Road,  RD 2, Invercargill 9872 
Grant Brotherston
Ph   03 230 4189
Mb  021 543 816
Concentrix, Coring, Down hole hammer, Rotary mud, Geotechnical, Seismic shothole, Mineral

HGM Construction
PO Box 19-634, Woolston, Christchurch 8241
Hamish Murrell
Ph 03 337 1210
Mb 027 281 2537
Augering, coring, top hammer, down hole hammer, environmental, geotechnical, geothermal, piling, water

Honnor Drilling Limited
1255 Omahu Road, R D 5, Hastings
Bill Hogg - Owner/Director
Marty Crail - Operations Manager 
Ph     06 879 6006
Mb    027 243 9011 Bill or 027 243 9006 Marty
Augering, Coring, SPT, Rotary mud to 500mm diameter, Cable tool & Top Drive, Casing Advancer,Rotary air DTH to 300mm in diameter, Waterwell, Oil & Gas Precollar, Environmental, Site investigation,Municipal Supplies, Large Irrigation Wells, Monitoring wells, Pump supply, Geothermal Precollar

Hydrill Ltd
PO Box 15, Woodend, Christchurch 7610
Malcolm Clemence
Ph 027 222 1587
Ah 03 317 7407
Coring, downhole hammer, rotary mud, water well, geothermal, oil/gas, consultancy

Interdrill Limited
PO Box 139, Stratford, Taranaki
Dale Preston
Ph     06 765 6373
Mb    0274 470 909
Hollow Stem Auger, Rotary Mud, Reverse Circulation, Down Hole Hammer, Coring, Tubex, Waterwells, Piling, Oil/Gas Exploration, Rock Anchors, Geotechnical, Irrigation.

IntoRock Drilling Limited
PO Box 79, Drury 2247
Ian Shaw
Ph     09 294 6181
Fx     09 294 6182
Mb    0274 488 248
Down Hole Hammer, Top Hammer, Auguring, Rock anchors, Piling, Soakhole, Drainage.

Keene Krib 2000 Ltd 
PO Box 6178, Marion Square, Wellington 6141
Dylan Keene
Ph 04 383 5050
Mb 027 688 4447
Augering, down hole hammer. Ischebeck, Piling, Micro piling

Kiwi Welldrillers NZ Limited
PO Box 400, Orewa HBC, North Auckland
Geoff Butt
Ph 0800 822 822
Mb    0274 569 153
Coring, Reverse circulation, Down hole hammer, Rotary mud, Deep Hole Work, Waterwell, Pump Tests, Consultants. Covering Waikato to the far north. ISO registered

Landtest Ltd 
PO Box 9279 Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149 
Alex Beijen 

March Construction
1220 Main North Rd, Northwood, Christchurch 8548
Doug Close - Operations Manager
Coring, downhole hammer, rotary mud, geotechnical, piling

McMillan Drilling Group 
120 High Street, Southbridge, 7602, Canterbury
Iain Haycock
Ph     03 324 2571
60 Years in the industry, Water Wells,Compliance with industry standards, Site Investigation - Geotechnical & Environmental, Civil Construction - Leading edge solutions, Laboratory - Analytical consulting laboratory for environmental testing of water & wine, McMillan Pacific - Fiji based company offering all the above services throughout the Pacific.

McMillan Drilling (North Island) Ltd.
PO Box 1189, Pukekohe, Auckland.
Steve Faulkner
Ph        09 238 5138 
Mb        027 730 9999
Augering, Coring, Down hole hammer, Rotary mud, Geotech. 

McNeill Drilling Co Limited
PO Box 1041, Invercargill, 9840 
Rhys Laraman
Ph     03 230 3000
Mb    0274 998 676
McNeills have rigs capable of all types of drilling and piling and have been operating since 1918.
Rotary mud and air, Cable tool and auger, Coring/Geotechnical, Tubex/Drainage, Reverse circulation,Pile driving/Boring, Waterwell, Geotechnical, Mineral, Seismic, Piling, Environmental, Grundfos pumps, Onga pumps.

Nevill Webb and Son Limited
PO Box 1155, Levin
Philip Webb
Ph     06 368 5829
Mb    0274 423 591
Cable tool, Waterwell, Environmental.

Perry Geotech Limited

PO Box 9376, Greerton, Tauranga
Terrence Perryor Phillip Falconer
Ph     07 578 0072
Mb    0274 304 554
Augering, Rotary Mud, Rotary Air, Hollow Stem Auguring, HQ coring, Environmental, Geotechnical, Shallow waterwell, Seismic CPT, Ground penetrating radar, Tracked CPT, sDMT seismic dilatometer, Geonor vane tester.

Pro-Drill (Auck) Ltd
PO Box 119, Tuakau 2342
Russell Sherwin
Ph     0800 477 637
Mb    0274 920 760
Coring including wireline, NQ-PQ, Sonic 150 Hertz Environmental, Geotechnical, Micro-piling, Sonic Coring, Overwater.

Resource Development Consultants Limited

PO Box 28057, Havelock North 4130
Cameron Wylie
Ph     06 877 1652
Mb    021 543 981
CPT, Seismic cone. Specialist geotechnical, geophysics, televiewers. Surface and downhole seismic testing and processing. Downhole geophysical logging.

Richardson Drilling Ltd
PO Box 849, Rotorua 3040
Bert Buunk
Ph 06 358 0145
Mb 021 799 824
Augering, down hole hammer, rotary mud, piling and civil. Approx 20 cranes 35-350 ton, piling rigs and much more

Richard Webb Limited
PO Box 1010, Levin 5540
Richard Webb
Ph     06 368 3252
Mb    0274 948 860
Well drilling, Water wells.

Rotorua Welldrilling Co Limited
PO Box 727, Rotorua
Garry Brown
Ph     07 348 7687
Mb     0274 770 636
Rotary mud, Down hole hammer, Geothermal, Water well, Environmental. 

Smiths Welldrilling 2012 Limited

PO Box 62, Leeston 7632, Canterbury
Barry Kewish 
Ph     03 324 3799
Mb    0274 338 245
Cable tool, Down hole hammer, Rotary air, Reverse circulation, Water well. Pumps & installation.

PO Box 968, Invercargill 9840
Evan Pascoe
Ph     03 211 1567
Mb    0272 339 465 
Augering, Down hole hammer, Rotary Mud, Water well, environmental, geotechnical, piling 

Terra MDC 
9 Michie St, Belleknowles, Dunedin 9011 
James Molloy 
Ph     03 477 0090 
Mb    0220 737 0480  
Waterwell, environmental, geotechnical, piling. Specialised in grouting, piling, shotcrete, ground improvement and foundations. Design of slopes in soils, rock and engineering fills. Tunnel inspection and rehabilitation of linings.

Texco Drilling & Piling Ltd
PO Box 19641, Woolston, Christchurch 8002
Rob Kinney 
Ph     03 384 1255
Mb    0276 008 406
Augering, Coring, Down Hole Hammer, Sheet Piling, Pile Driving, Dewatering, Waterwell,Environmental, Geotechnical, Piles- Driven/Bored, Sheet Piling, Screw piling, Ground Anchors, SPT investigation.

Waimea Drilling Co Limited
RD 1, Richmond, Nelson
Cec (Woody) Woodford
Ph     03 544 8442
Mb    025 859 757
Augering, Reverse circulation, Coring, Rotary mud, Rotary air blast, Waterwell, Geotechnical,Marine, Foundation, Environmental, Site investigation.

Wanganui Well Drillers Limited
366 Heads Road, Wanganui
Lyle Sharratt
Ph     06 344 7340
Mb    0274 379 925
Rotary Mud, Waterwell.

Washingtons Exploration Ltd

PO Box 2045, Washdyke, Timaru
Steve Pilcher
Ph     03 688 2638
Mb    021 516 720
Coal seam gas, Reverse circulation, Coring, geothermal, water bores, directional, Geotechnical, Mineral exploration, Foundation, Environmental, Drainage drilling. 

Webster Drilling and Exploration Limited
PO Box 50-354, Porirua, Wellington
Bain Webster or Jeff Ashby
Ph     04 237 5264
Mb     021 705 740
Rotary mud, Augering, Coring, Sonic, Down hole hammer, Rotary air blast, ROBIT air hammer, Waterwell,Seismic, Geotechnical, Environmental, Blast Hole, Anchor installation, Site investigation, Mineral. Webster Drilling works globally.  The majority of work is in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia.  The Company has a huge variety of rigs covering nearly all sectors of the drilling industry.

Westmere Drilling Limited
56 Power Road, Karoro, Greymouth
Ken or Judi Mears
Ph     03 768 7919
Mb    0274 31 0456
Cable tool, Reverse circulation, Tubex, Concentrix, Augering, Water wells, Gold exploration, Geotechnical.

Woodford Drilling & Consulting Ltd

94 Champion Rd, Richmond, Nelson

Mb  027 660 8484

Consulting on drilling projects, supplying qualified crew for drilling projects

Deep hole diamond coring, CSG exploration

Alton Drilling Limited 
PO Box 1300, Pukekohe 2340 
Cory Ibbotson 
Ph     0508 425 866 
Mb    021 425 866
Rig manufacturing, design and servicing. Drilling consumables, parts and accessories sales. Used equipment sales.

AMC Drilling Fluids & Products
164 Hurford Rd, RD4 New Plymouth4340 
Dan Power 
Mb   0275 458 588
Drilling Fluids - Australian Mud Company.

ATS No 1 Ltd

5 Charles St, Gisborne 4040 
John McKendry  
Ph     06 390 2000 
Mb    021 629 129

Mapping permeability, mapping 3D aquifers and geology. Locating high permeability drilling sites. 2D & 3D digital aquifer mapping. 15 year history

Blick Industrial Limited 
PO Box 10157, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3241 
Tim Babbage 
Ph     07 849 2366
Mb    0274 700 777
Blick Industrial has been New Zealand’s leading drill supply company for over 40 years providing products to the New Zealand and Pacific Islands drilling markets. We work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide great products and field support to our clients. If you need drilling equipment from geotechnical to oil field we are the company to deal with. You can get just about everything below the rig from Blick.

We supply products such as M-I SWACO drilling fluids, Jet-Lube thread grease, valve grease and lubricants, FANN mud testing equipment, Varel International tricone rock bits, Palmer Red Devil drag bits, PDC bits, RIDGID wrenches, Halco, Bulroc and Mincon DTH hammers, ROBIT DTH casing systems and top hammer equipment, CGR casing, Stratex casing systems, Driconeq friction welded drill rods, IPI, Geopro and Aardvark Inflatable Packers, Boart Longyear, Technidrill, Dimatec and MBI diamond coring equipment, REFLEX digital survey and core orientation tools, Acker Soil Sampling and SPT equipment and accessories, Melfred Borzall and Brewis directional drilling equipment, Sigma Float Valves, Kwik-ZIP centralisers, core boxes, drill subs/adaptors. We supply just about all drilling accessories and support

Brown Bros Engineers Limited 

PO Box 548, Christchurch 
John Hayes 
Ph     03 365 0279, 
Mb    0274 342 319 
Pump supplies. Lowara pumps, Goulds pumps, Submersibles.

Deeco Services Limited

PO Box 33-226, Petone. 5046  

Marcus Durrant 
Ph     04 568 5293 
Mb    0274 480 890
Importer and distributor of water control, filtration and metering equipment

Wellscreen design and supply. Broad stocks in a number of national locations. Stainless steel wedgeware. Water meters, control valves, filtration. 

Drill Connex Ltd
PO Box 413, Drury, Auckland, 2247
Lance Stevens
Mb 021 998 762
Glenn Kiernan  
Mb 021 855 963
Drilling consumables, drilling fluids, drilling rigs, drilling attachments, parts supply, bit sharpening. Exclusive NZ Matex drilling fluids. Exclusive NZ BBurg drilling rig distributor

Engineering & Compressor Services  
PO Box 12192, Christchurch 8242   
Roger Hay  
Ph     03 338 6383  
Mb    021 194 2116 
Portable compressors 70cfm to 1200 cfm. Stationery compressors 12cfm to 1200. Generators 2.5kva to 750kva. Lighting towers, air tools, parts for all models


FirstBreak Mining & Construction Limited
PO Box 14-159 Christchurch 
Brent Paulsen
Ph     03 358 0809
Mb    021 714 419
All Atlas Copco Drilling Products.


19 Morgan St, Newmarket, Auckland

John King

Ph    09 356 3510

Mb   027 558 3830

Supply of equipment, CPT, window sampling

Golding Landrill 
175 Rangiora Woodend Road, RD 1 Kaiapoi, North Canterbury 7691  
David Sale 
Ph     03 312 7185 
Mb    0211 546 855
Supplier of API drilling tools, materials and supplies. Tool rentals. Manufacturing and engineering support. Mining tools, seismic rigs and supplies. Drilling consultants for oil/gas, seismic, mining and geotech

Gough Group Ltd 
PO Box 16168, Christchurch
Darren Sandford 
Mb 029 200 6900

Ph     09 979 9397
Industrial Engines, Compressors, Generators, Drill Kits, Sullair Agent, CAT agent.

Hard Metal Industries NZ
1/44 Curries Road, Hillsborough, Christchurch, 8022
Mark DeGoldi
Ph   03  337 3230
Mb 0275 772 006
Suppliers and manufacturers, tungsten carbide tooling, piling and foundation wear protection, trenching and HDD, mining tunnelling and drilling tools, PDC drilling tools, coring and drilling consumables, tungsten products and wear protection consumables, custom manufactured drilling tools, canopy tubes forepoling.

H J Asmuss & Co Ltd
PO Box 14441, Panmure, Auckland 1741
Grant Bradford - Steel Division
Ph   09 573 3441
Mb  0274 416 724
Pipe suppliers throughout New Zealand

Industrial Minerals (NZ) Limited 
Private Box 302 660, North Harbour, Auckland 
Evan Thornton 
Ph     09 444 3322 
Mb    0274 732 124 
Drilling additives, Piezometer screen packers, Drilling fluid engineers, Agent for Mud Logic, well screens, polymers, bentonite, foams, bentonite pellets, filter sands, drilling fluids.


JP Marshall Ltd
PO Box 10306, Te Rapa, Hamilton
Frank Finlay 
Ph     07 849 2982 
Mb    0274 849 920
Heavy engineering including rock drilling augers, clean-out buckets,bins, tanks and silos, auger conveyors. Fully equipped machine shop. Profile cutting service including a laser powered cutting machine.

LHS Rocktools New Zealand Ltd
PO Box 21 104, Henderson, Auckland, 0650
Mark Simpson - Operations Manager
Ph  09 837 6141
Mb  0210 222 9045
Suppliers of Rock Drilling Equipment including Surface & Bench Drilling Equipment, Underground Development & Production Equipment, Button Bits, Reamers, Hole Openers, DTH Hammers & Bits, Drag Bits, PDC Bits, Drill Rods, Guide Tubes, Shank Adaptors, Couplings, Coupling Adaptors, Fishing Tools, Rod Wipers, Tungsten Grippers, Miners Lamps, Tapered Drill Steels, Thread Grease.

McCullochs D&B 
207 Midland Highway, Epsom. 3551. AUSTRALIA 
Ricky Dudley 
Ph     +613 5445 6900
Mb    +614 1930 4438
Maunufacture and supply of drilling rigs and accessories

Pipes (NZ) Limited 
PO Box 3340, Fitzroy, New Plymouth 
Jeremy D'Ath - Project Manager
Ph     06 755 9155
Mb    027 865 6279
Pipe, Casing, Tubing, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Importers, Stockists, Industry Specific Products. Cut to length service on all sizes of pipe. Importation of specialist pipe sizes and quantities. Supply and stockist of new pipe specific to drilling industry. Suppliers of fittings, flanges and studs. Blasting, painting and wrapping service.

SAECOWilson Limited 
PO Box 22256, Otahuhu, Auckland 1640  
Cameron Caesar 
Ph      09 634 7540
Mb     0292 550022 
Supplier of bearings, chains, vee belts, couplings, engineering consumables, PPE gear, power transmission and engineering supplies. Bearings: NSK, NTN, FAG, Timken, INA, Gates, Pix, Pulsar lube, British std chain, American std chain, couplings, universal joints, engineers chalk, emery tape, insulation tape, grinders, battery drills, grease guns, socket sets, pliers, hammers, mallets, sledge hammers, puller sets, screwdrivers, cut-off saws, ear muggs, safety boots, CRC, Loctite, Rocol and much much more

Strata Precision Plastics 2013 Limited  

PO Box 5315, Hamilton, 3242.  
Paul Dale 
Ph     07 846 7239 
Mb    0274 746 791
Well screen & casing – PVC etc, Well monitoring & Screen Fittings,  Flush Threaded Screen& Casing 63 to 630 mm diameter, Waterwell, Geotechnical, Environmental, Geotextile filter sock,PVC & HDPE welding.

Super Abrasive Diamond Tools Ltd 
PO Box 1326, Pukekohe, 2340 
Dave Antsy 
Ph     09 237 1230 
Mb    021 935 791
NZ agent for Boart Longyear products, FMC pump & spares, Core boxes NQ,HQ & PQ, Wireline products, AARDVARK wireline packers, RIDGID wrenches & vices, Diamond Core sample boxes. 

Total Lubricants
PO Box 13-049, Mahora, Hastings
Dean Ormrod - Regional Manager 
Ph  06 871 5325
Mb  027 212 2225
Suppliers of engine oils, compressor oils, copper cote, hydraulic, gear and hammer oils, greases, degreasers, grease guns, Biolubricants, drilling muds.
Suppliers of lubricants and associated products to the drilling industry. No job too big, too small or too remote

Consultants / Associates / Training / Other

Antarctic Research Centre
Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington
Alex Pyne
Ph  04 463 5396
Scientific drilling in Antarctica - domestic and international

Aqualinc Research Ltd
PO Box 20-462, Bishopdale, Christchurch .
Ian McIndoe or Helen Rutter
Ph  03 964 6521
Mb  021 873 788
Step tests (bore performance tests) and aquifer tests, groundwater modelling, consent applications, irrigation system design, irrigation efficiency assessment, water resources management, flow meter calibration, groundwater monitoring and telemetry, soil moisture management, irrigation management

PO Box 10803, Wellington 6143
Janet Lane - Chief Executive
Ph  0800 88 21 21
Industry Training Organisation

Voss Infrastructure Consulting Limited 
PO Box 36, Fielding,4702      
David Voss 
Ph     06 323 9046 
Mb    021 399 255 
Consultants pumping test analysis, groundwater flow and contaminant modeling; visual MOD flow – FE flow – Mike she aquifer test analysis; environmental and water quality statistics; geo-spatial analysis resourse consent, feeand application; well design; screen design; pump specifications; rising mains design; reticulation design; water treatment design. 

Life Members of New Zealand Drillers Federation

Len Brown (Jnr)
9 Hamana Street, North Shore City 
Ph     09 445 3186 
Mb    021 733 930 
Martyn Brown 
PO Box 72811, Papakura 
Ph    09 298 3458 
Mb   0274 965 079 
Doug Chase 
23a Tukapa Street, New Plymouth    
Ph    06 758 9465 
Mb   025 231 7961 
Gordon Griffiths 
Griffiths Drilling (NZ) Limited 
PO Box 40-422, Upper Hutt, Wellington  
Ph     04 527 7346 
Lyell McMillan 
McMillan Drilling Services 
120 High Street, Southbridge, Canterbury 
Ph     03 324 2571
Russell Harris

Hamish Pearson 
10 Cirrus Lane, Redcliffs, Christchurch   
Ph     03 376 6077
Hilton Prestney 
374 Great South Road, Papakura 
Bill Washington 
Washingtons Exploration
PO Box 2045, Timaru 7941  
Ph     03 688 2638 
Cec (Woody) Woodford 
Waimea Drilling Co Limited 
RD 1, Richmond, Nelson  
Ph     03 544 8442 
Mb    025 859 757

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